Tianle Cai (蔡天乐)

Finishing a memorable summer at MIT (thanks MIT for amazing website hosting service), I moved my homepage to https://tianle.website/! This page will not be maintained. Thanks!


About me

I am a junior student majoring in applied mathematics at Peking University (PKU) while pursuing a double major in computer science. I am doing undergraduate research about machine learning theory especially deep learning theory advised by Professor Liwei Wang. I am mostly interested on the theory that can inspire us make better algorithms. I am going to MIT for summer research intern supervised by Professor Sasha Rakhlin in 2019. I also spend a wonderful time working with Professor Jason D. Lee.

I will apply for Ph.D this year!



  • A Gram-Gauss-Newton Method Learning Overparameterized Deep Neural Networks for Regression Problems​ at PKU machine learning workshop [slides]


  • Visiting Research Student at Simons Institute, UC Berkeley
    • Program: Foundations of Deep Learning
    • June, 2019 - July, 2019
  • Visiting Research Internship at MIT
    • Advisor: Professor Sasha Rakhlin
    • June, 2019 - Sept., 2019​
  • Visiting Research Student at Princeton
    • Host: Professor Jason D. Lee
    • Sept., 2019 - Oct., 2019